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Dragon Head

I made a crocheted Dragon Head! I have named him Stanley. He now resides in my living room on a beautiful wreath from my parents. The pattern for this piece is by SROAUSTIN on Etsy.

I had wanted to make this dragon for ages! I have had the pattern for several years. I always worried that I wouldn't have the skills needed to create it. This year I decided to take on the challenge! Creating the dragon head did give me a bit of challenge but nothing I wasn't up for! I hope you enjoy looking at my progress photos! I used yarn by Red Heart. The eyes are from Darkside Crochet. I used black and brown eye shadow to create the shading. The pattern was very clear and had wonderful photos to help with the more challenging parts. I did have to frog a few things and try again but, well, that's just a part of crocheting. lol!

If you enjoy my creations, please share this with a friend and/or send me a Ko-fi!

Thanks so much for hanging out with me! Kaye

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