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Time for a Booth Update

I have been wanting to update my booth style for a while now and I just keep putting it off.  But I have decided I am going to slowly start getting bits of the booth together!I am sticking with the Blue, Pink, & Purple theme that I use on my website and on my business card.  The goal is to be all matchy match.  lol! Here are some of the items I have added to my Amazon Wishlist

I think it all flows but I would love to hear your opinions or even suggestions on other items that you think might just add to the vibe.  

If you are feeling is my wishlist link.

Next up on my list of things is to design a banner! If you have any suggestions on the best place to order a banner from, let me know!

I am pretty excited about the vibe and overall good feelings that I have right now about this direction!  

Thank yall


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