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Patreon Rewards for August and September

Hi everyone!

Welcome to September!

Today I packaged up all the August Patreon Rewards. The ones that are not local will be mailed out tomorrow. Local Patreons, I will be contacting yall tomorrow to schedule a meet up. I really enjoyed making everyone Cthulie Keychains! Thank you so much for going on this adventure with me!

During the month of September all NEW or Acorn ($1) Tier Patreons will receive a handwritten Postcard from me with a cute or funny saying on it!

All Fairybug ($5) Tier Patreons will receive a Crochet Fairy Button and crocheted Butterfly!

I will also hold a drawing for a Skull Shawl at the end of the month! The shawl will be made using the yarn that yall voted on using in August! All Acorns ($1) tier will get one entry and all Fairybugs ($5) Tier will get 2 entries. Progress pics of the shawl will be shared through out the month!

The finished Skull Shawl will be similar to this shawl. This picture is not my own. The photo is from the pattern designer.

  • To view the pattern, click here.

Be sure to check out the calendar tab to see where we will be next!

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