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Cthulie Keychain Reward!

Hey everyone! The Cthulie Keychain reward for returning/remaining or becoming a Patreon

during the month of the August is almost ready to ship! I will be mailing these little guys out to all their new homes very soon. The colors will be random so it will have a small element of surprise! And just for giggles one lucky Patreon will have a matching regular size Cthulie! There are still a few days left in August to join! So if you have only been thinking about it....NOW it is the time to JOIN!!!!

Upcoming posts that will be first on Patreon and will then become blogs, tiktoks, and Youtube posts to include: 1. Holiday Market Etiquette for the Shopper: How not to be a Karen 2. Holiday Market Advice from vendor to vendor: I got you! 3. What can I trade or Barter? 4. The End of Month Check In: August

See yall along the way!!!

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