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Adorable Frog Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern - Ribbiting FREE Crochet Pattern!

Looking for a fun and whimsical crochet project? Look no further than our Frog Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern! This adorable pattern features step-by-step instructions for creating a cozy and cute bucket hat adorned with frog eyes. Perfect for both children and adults, this pattern is great for crocheters of all skill levels. Whether you're heading to the beach or just want to add a playful touch to your wardrobe, this Frog Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern is sure to bring a smile to your face. Grab your yarn and hook and get ready to stitch up a one-of-a-kind accessory that's ribbiting with personality! If you'd like to purchase an ad free pattern, the pdf is available for only $3!

Materials Needed:

  • Size I 5.50 Crochet Hook

  • 4 ply yarn ( I used Red Heart)

  • Lime Green

  • Black

  • Polyfil Stuffing

  • Yarn Needle

  • Scissors

Stitches Used (US Terms)

  • Dc – Double crochet

  • Sc – Single crochet

  • Join – slip stitch to the first stitch

  • Inc-Increase

  • Ch – Chain Stitch

  • Sl – Slip Stitch

  • BLO – Back loop only 

  • FO – Fasten Off


Note: This pattern is worked using double strands of yarn.


Lime Green Yarn

(Ch 3 does not count as st)

R1 Ch 3, 10 dc into first chain, sl st into top of first dc (10)

R2 Ch 3, dc inc around, sl st into top of first dc (20)

R3 Ch 3, (dc, dc inc) around, sl st into top of first dc (30)

R4 Ch 3, 1 dc, dc inc, (2 dc, dc inc)x9, 1 dc, sl st into top of first dc (40)

R5 Ch 3, (3 dc, dc inc) around, sl st into top of first dc (50)

R6 Ch 3, 2 dc, dc inc, (4dc, dc inc)x9, 2 dc, sl st into top of first dc (60)

R7 Ch 3, 60 bl dc, sl st into top of first dc (60)

R8-12 Ch 3, 60 dc for 5 rows, sl st into top of first dc (60)

R13 Ch 3, (2 fl dc, fl dc inc) around, sl st into top of first dc (80)

R14 Ch 3, (1 dc, dc inc around), sl st into top of first dc (120)

R15 Ch 1, Sc around, sl st (120)

FO weave in ends

Eyeballs (make 2)

Black yarn

R1 ch 3, 8 hdc into first chain (8)

R2 Hdc inc around (16)

R3 1 hdc, inc hdc (24)

R4 hdc around (24)

R5 1 hdc, dec hdc (16)

R6 dec around (8)


Fill with polyfil, weave closed and hide ends

Eyelids (make 2)

Lime Green yarn

R1 ch 6, dc into 4th ch from hook, dc, 5 dc in last stitch, 3 dc down the other side of the chain,

ch 2, turn (10)

R2 3 dc, (dc inc)x4, 3 dc, ch 2, turn (14)

R3 3 dc, (dc, dc inc)x4, 3 dc, ch 2, turn (18)

R4 DC around 18 (18)

FO, Leave a long tail for sewing.

Assembly Instructions 

Use one strand of lime green yarn to sew the eyelids to the back of the eyeballs

On the bottom of the eyes you will want to kind of scrunch the eyelid to surround the eyeball as

you sew it down.

Then use the other strand to sew the eyes to the top of the hat.

Placement of eyes is 3 rows down from the middle (starting point of the hat) on either side of the

hat. As you are sewing on the eyes be sure to catch the black portion of the eye occasionally so

that it will have a better connection to the hat.


I hope yall enjoyed the pattern. Feel free to message me if you need any assistance.

Support me by joining my Patreon for only $1 a month. This allows me to keep creating amazing patterns for yall to make!!!

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