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Happy New Year

This year has been a trying adventure. Half way through the year a lot changed in my life. I went through a business rebranding. Thank you so much for sticking around during and after those changes. Recently, my father passed away from cancer. There was a lot of personal and business growth, along with all the challenges. I am really looking forward to moving past 2022 and into a New Year and new adventures.

There are a lot of plans that I have for the New Year. -I want to spend 2023 being truthful to myself and my art. -I want to be a part of Cancer research. So I will be doing relay for Life and other cancer related events. -I am not setting a number goal this year. I my goals instead will be to keep my insights on my website and social media going up! -This year I plan to save. Save money, save time, save my peace.

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