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I Love You Hand - FREE Crochet Pattern

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Welcome to February! The month of LOVE! lol My mom is deaf and we often sign to each other. I sign like a toddler speaks but I am improving. Anyway, she was the inspiration for this pattern! If you like this pattern, please share it with a friend and/or buy me a Ko-fi!

This pattern is available in pdf form for only $1

Materials Needed:

  • Size G/4 mm Crochet Hook

  • 4 ply yarn ( I used Red Heart)

  • Yarn Needle

  • Scissors

Stitches Used (US Terms)

  • Dc – Double crochet

  • Hdc – Half double crochet

  • Sc – Single crochet

  • Join – slip stitch to the first stitch

  • Inc-Increase

  • Dec – decrease

  • 3 sc dec – dec over the next 3 stitches

  • 3 sc inc – inc by putting 3 sc into the same stitch

  • Ch – Chain Stitch

  • Sl – Slip Stitch

  • FO – Fasten off

Designer Notes

If you have any questions please email me at or contact me via my website,

You may sell your finished items made from my patterns.

Please tag me in your creations! FB:


Most importantly, I hope you enjoy the pattern!


Ch 3

Row 1: 12 dc into first ch, join, ch 2

Row 2: (dc inc) 3 times, (sc inc) 6 times, (dc inc) 3 times, join, ch 2

Row 3: sc, Middle Finger *(ch 8, hdc in 2nd ch from hook, 6 hdc down, sc into side of previous sc)*, 2 sc, Pointer Finger *repeat*, 3 sc, Thumb (ch 6, hdc in 2nd ch from hook, 4 hdc down, sc into side of previous sc), 16 sc, Pinkie Finger (ch 7, hdc in 2nd ch from hook, 5 hdc down, sc into side of previous sc) 2 sc, Ring Finger *repeat*, join, ch 2

Row 4: sc, Middle Finger *(7 sc up, 3 sc inc on the tip of the finger, 7 sc down)*, sc dec, Pointer Finger *repeat*, 3 sc dec, Thumb (5 sc up, 3 sc inc, 5sc down), 16 sc, Pinkie (6 sc up, 3 sc inc on the tip of the finger, 6 sc down), sc dec, Ring Finger *repeat*, sc, join, FO , Leave long tail

Use the tail to sew down the Middle and Ring Finger to the top of the DC stitches in Row 1.


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Feb 04, 2023

thank you so much for this pattern! i love it so much, just finished it up. my family has always used this sign because i was born legally deaf, but a few corrective surgeries fixed that luckily for me. i'll be giving this to my parents as an early valentines gift tomorrow!!


Feb 02, 2023

This is so cute!!! Definitely making some for my family for Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing!

Kaye Ferguson
Kaye Ferguson
Feb 03, 2023
Replying to

I am so glad that you love it!

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