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Pride Adventures

This past weekend we attended Augusta Pride 2022! It was a wonderful whirlwind of a weekend. We got to the site on Friday and set up was pretty

simple. Setting up and taking down the shop is starting to become a bit easier and faster....well

at least with the 10 x 10. We had everything ready to go right before the gates opened for the private Pride event on Friday. I was shocked to learn that Adore Delano was going to be preforming later in the evening!

Don had his barter blanket out, Braci had her beaded items up, and Shelby had a wonderful array of flower crowns and clips. The first night we made profit! Which was very exciting and unexpected. Oz and Don held down the booth when Adore came on stage! It was a wonderful 4 song set! I wish it had lasted longer!

After Adore's performance we went home and prepped for Saturday morning! Early Saturday morning, Oz made us egg and Don made us coffee. After our bellies were full and we were properly caffeinated, we loaded up and returned to Pride. We opened the shop back up and rearranged a few items for the day.

Once that was handled, Don, Braci, Eastin, Kira and I headed over to the parade while Oz and Shelby looked after the shop. Along the way we found a very nice lady who was also going to be walking the parade. Of course, my very vocal daughter, Kira, immediately made a friend and a lasting impression as she explained that Drag Queens are the superior gays. I am still laughing about it. Once there another kind lady let us use her sun screen! So we didn't fry in the Georgia sun. The parade was so much fun! We passed out candy and little crocheted butterflies to the onlookers! Kira had a blast!

After the parade, we returned to the booth. Eastin and Kira stayed for a bit longer and then went home. The remainder of the day was a whirlwind of amazing! Don made a LOT of amazing trades! There was a lady that traded him for a ring and then proposed to her girlfriend right in front of my booth! I have to say that was the best moment of the day!

I nearly sold out of cthulies! I only have 4 little guys left! Braci sold a lot of her keychains! Shelby's flower crowns could be spotted a top many a noggin! It was wonderful! Just when the heat started to become to much, it was 4 pm and time to break down and head home. Of course, Oz is an amazing brute force fairy and we got the shop broken down pretty quickly. Don is a slow poke at packing up his barter items but he eventually found a way to get everything just right in his barter trunk. We came home and promptly slept for 12 hours or so. I love Pride so much and I am so happy that we got to be a part of it this year! Next up, I will be doing First Friday and Saturday Market.

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