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Mobius Loop Tutorial

Mobius Loops are loops that have a twist in them. These loops are great for some people that have anxiety and terrible for others because it can never be untwisted.

Personally, I really enjoy Mobius Loops!

I love making them using soft yarns like terry cloth or blanket yarn!

Materials needed:

Crochet hook: size I

Blanket yarn

Yarn needle


Crochet abbreviations (us)

Ch - Chain

Sc-single crochet

Hdc - half double stitch

Inc - increase

Sl - slip stitch

FO - fasten off


Row 1 - Ch 24

Twist chain and join to first chain to create a loop

Row 2 - hdc around, join to first hdc with a sl. Ch 2

Make sure there is one twist in the loop before joining.

Row 3 - (hdc, hdc inc) repeat around, join with sl. Ch 2

Row 4 - SC around, join with sl, FO

Weave in your ends.

You can find a video tutorial on my YouTube.


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