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Belt Pouch Pattern

A belt pouch can be used to keep your items on your belt during a larp. It can be used to keep your dice during DND. It could be used to hold like items together while they are inside your bag! Honestly, there are a lot of options for this fun bag!

Below is the FREE Pattern for the Belt Pouch.

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1. So other people can find the pattern.

2 Because I want to see what you create! Experiment with yarn choices!

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Materials Needed

· Size H 5.00 Crochet Hook

· 4 ply yarn ( I used Red Heart)

· Yarn Needle

· Scissors

Stitches Used (US Terms)

· Dc – Double crochet

· Join – slip stitch to the first stitch

· Inc-Increase

· Ch – Chain Stitch

· Sl – Slip Stitch

Ch 3

-12 dc in first chain, join, ch 2

-dc inc around, join, ch 2

-1 dc dc inc around, join, ch 2

-2 dc, dc inc around, join, ch 2

-7 rows of dc around, join, ch 2 after each row

-ch 4, *skip first dc, 1dc into next dc, chain 1* repeat around, join, ch 2

-dc around, join

-sl, 3dc in next stitch, skip, slip, skip, 3 dc in next stitch around, join, FO


Chain 9, dc in 7, ch 2

Dc for 8 rows

Leave a long tail for sewing

Sew onto the back of the bag an weave in your ends.

Chain 60 to use for a tie and weave through the open spaces at the top of the bag

If you would like a PDF download of the pattern, it can be purchased for only $1!


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